A new long range, multi-users controllable Bluetooth tracker that helps you track your love-one or belongings.



  • Integrated with new generation bluetooth technology which supports long range (up to 400m, conditionally) and low power  features (Required smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 & above)
  • Powered by signle, general and low cost coin cell battery CR2302 and it is always replacable.
  • Multi-user monitor and control
  • Privacy mode with random BLE address id (prevent 3rd party tracking)
  • Built-in loud buzzer and led alert
  • Battery level monitoring & alert
  • Smart power saving mode during very low battery level (off buzzer & switch to shorter scanning distance)
  • Support “Follow Me” mode: triple click button or activate from app to enter follow me mode
  • Support “Find Phone” mode: double click button to
  • locate smartphone
  • Supporting platform: Android (iOS is coming soon)BLE module that certified by FCC, CE, MIC, KC, and IC regulations




MyTracker is a small long range Bluetooth tracker that helps you track your loved-one or belongings via a smartphone app. It lasts up to 3-6 months period so you can attach it to your suitcase, backpack and even your children.

It also has a built-in buzzer and alert led light to help you locate it. You always can activate the “Find It” feature to locate your item in quiet or loud mode. By implementing the long-range technology, as stated in Bluetooth module hardware specification, it can support up to 400m tracking range (with condition of full line-of-sight environment, free of obstacles or interference sources)

NOTE: tracking distance is limited by the different phone manufacturer, position, battery level & Bluetooth status

Other than that, we also have developed the “Follow Me” feature to alert the user if the attached object is moving away from you. It is extremely useful in for parents to take care their children in a crowded shopping mall or theme park.

Unlike other tracker brands which only allow single tracker controlled by a single smartphone, our version allows each tracker monitored and controlled by multiple smartphones at the same time. The user can assign a passcode for each tracker and share among the user family. It is very useful for family or group use where multiple users could monitor the same tracker simultaneously.

By implementing advanced low power approach, it allows the battery life of our MyTracker last up to 6 months period in broadcasting mode and the user always can change the coin cell battery (CR2302) which easily purchase from most convenient or electronic shops.

NOTE: 6 months period is based on Maxell CR2032 battery and a total more than 8,000,000 advertising count. MyTracker advertise every 2sec.

Currently, this tracker only supports Android platform and we are working on the iOS app. User can download the app from Google Play (app name: MyTracker). This tracker is fully designed and developed by our company and user can always contact if there are any issue or problem. Because it is a totally new product and it might have some major/minor issues. We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience or difficulties. We really hope more people can support us and bring this product into the consumer market in near future.

Moreover, due to the battery is not allowed by air shipping, so we are very sorry that we can’t provide the battery together. The user can purchase this CR2302 coin cell battery from a convenient store or electronic shop.

IMPORTANT: We are doing our best effort to assist users in tracking and finding items, nevertheless, users still have to take good care of their belongings and children to avoid any undesired accident. We DO NOT responsible for any lost items or missing children.

Additional information

Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.75 cm


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